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Java DateTimeFormatter parsing with special characters

I’m having some troubles getting my format right for using DataTimeFormatter to parse a date time String in the format of:


I have a DateTimeFormatter pattern that works to produce this format, but it doesn’t work to parse the same String. That pattern is:


If there are other libraries for DateTime parsing that are more appropriate for this type of need I’ll happily consider those as well. Right now my solution is a one off regex matcher for when I encounter this DateTime String and to manually build its parts. Which is gross.



Your only problem is that the -4 in your string needs a leading zero, as @deHaar indicated in his comment, i.e.

DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMddHHmmss.SSS'['x':'z']'");
LocalDateTime ldt = LocalDateTime.parse("20200915095318.883[-04:EDT]", formatter);
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