Java Array Sort descending?

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Is there any EASY way to sort an array in descending order like how they have a sort in ascending order in the Arrays class?

Or do I have to stop being lazy and do this myself :[


You could use this to sort all kind of Objects

sort(T[] a, Comparator<? super T> c) 

Arrays.sort(a, Collections.reverseOrder());

Arrays.sort() cannot be used directly to sort primitive arrays in descending order. If you try to call the Arrays.sort() method by passing reverse Comparator defined by Collections.reverseOrder() , it will throw the error

no suitable method found for sort(int[],comparator)

That will work fine with ‘Array of Objects’ such as Integer array but will not work with a primitive array such as int array.

The only way to sort a primitive array in descending order is, first sort the array in ascending order and then reverse the array in place. This is also true for two-dimensional primitive arrays.

Source: stackoverflow