Iterate an Enumeration in Java 8

Is it possible to iterate an Enumeration by using Lambda Expression? What will be the Lambda representation of the following code snippet:

Enumeration<NetworkInterface> nets = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces();

while (nets.hasMoreElements()) {
    NetworkInterface networkInterface = nets.nextElement();


I didn’t find any stream within it.


In case you don’t like the fact that Collections.list(Enumeration) copies the entire contents into a (temporary) list before the iteration starts, you can help yourself out with a simple utility method:

public static <T> void forEachRemaining(Enumeration<T> e, Consumer<? super T> c) {
  while(e.hasMoreElements()) c.accept(e.nextElement());

Then you can simply do forEachRemaining(enumeration, lambda-expression); (mind the import static feature)…

Source: stackoverflow