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Instant reverse dependencies between classes in visual paradigm

I would like to reverse dependencies between my java classes using visual paradigm.

Is there any way to do it ? Or any other UML modeling tool that could achieve that ?

enter image description here



First you do not want to ‘reverse’ the dependencies from sources but to have them produced in addition during/after the reverse, I mean a dependency is not an element present in the sources like a class.

“use” can signify a lot of things, like somewhere in Client the class Supplier is used to type an attribute and/or the return value or parameter(s) of operation(s) and/or or inside the definitions of an operation etc.

For me you have to add them by hand or helped by the tool when it is necessary, I mean to have a dependency in all the cases is just a way to have plenty of dependencies creating a spider web / noodle dish, you must not do that.

Referring to Visualize the Dependencies between Elements on the class Client call the menu and choose the entry related element > analysis enter image description here

then use the toggles to select the kind of ‘use’ you want enter image description here

Also look at How to Visualize Model Dependencies with Analysis Diagram?

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