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How to solve warning when using liferay-ui:search-container in JSP?

I’m developing a portlet in Liferay 6.1 using Liferay MVC famework. When I use

<liferay-ui:search-container />  

Eclipse allways shows me the following warning message

SearchContainer is a raw type. References to generic type SearhcContainer<R> should be parameterized

JSP code fragment:

    List<User> users =;


        results="<%= users %>"
        total="<%= users.size() %>"


                value="<%= userVar.getFullName() %>" />


    <liferay-ui:search-iterator />


I have searched many examples. I’ve imported them into my workspace. And they also show me the same Warning message when search-container tag is used.

An example is this portlet: Event listing portlet
in /docroot/html/eventlisting/view.jsp Eclipse shows me the same warning.

I’ve not found any solution searching nor in google neither in stackoverflow. I have found many references to warnings in jsp, but no when the warning occurs when using some tag.

If it’s possible, I don’t want to disable JSP Validation or use some @SuppressWarnings.

I would really like to know if there is a correct way to avoid this warning in JSP when I use this taglib.

I’m working with
– Liferay 6.1.1 CE GA2
– Eclipse Luna Release 4.4.0

Thanks in advance



Class SearchContainer is a generic class (, and as all generic class produce that warning when you try to instantiate without pass a type argument.

For more details:

But SearchContainer is instantiated via tablib, so i think eclipse “see through” the taglib and produce the warning. The problem probably will be in that generated code and I really guess that this problem has no a pratical solution (hook/ext the taglib code? really?)

Sorry for this (un)answer !