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How to resize page to fit drawing contents in Open office/Libre Office Draw

I am programmatically drawing a flowchart in open office draw by means of Java UNO Runtime Reference api.After I have drawn the flowchart I want to resize the page according to the area aquired by the contents drawn.I have noticed that Microsoft Visio has a property called “size to fit drawing contents” in its “page setup” which does this when I draw flowchart in Visio.Pls suggest how can I do the same thing in Open office/Libre Office Draw.



You can do it manually:

  1. Press CtrlA to select everything.
  2. Under Format>Position and Size you can see the exact size of the selection. It’s helpful to copy the value of Width and Height to an editor (or a piece of paper). Click Cancel.
  3. Open Format>Page: Set Width and Height according to the size of the selection. Set all Margins to zero. Click OK.
  4. Open Format>Position and Size again: Set both Position X an Position Y to zero. Click OK.

Well, it’s not so fast, but works.

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