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How to generate WSDD based on code or based on WSDL

I have access to remote sever that provides me wsdl back to my response.

I prepared Client for this, based on that wsdl.

Now I woud like to write a fake Server (for testing needs), what I should start first? Which steps I should implement? The test makes sense only if it is implemented by this WSDL. Is it possible to generate some kind of Service with empty methods?

In my app I use Apache Axis 1.4

My steps, how I think:

  1. I already have: InterfacePortType class (which, as I understand, represents the remote Server), which was generated for my client based on wsdl. So I can implement it, and it would be MyService:

    class MyServer implements InterfacePortType

  2. Then generate somehow WSDD. How I can do it?

I found similar question here not answered.


I found the solution, I generated WSDD using axistools-maven-plugin, setting: serverSide parameter to true – then it generates the WSDD file.

This is maven plugin part: