How to enable query logging in Spring-data-elasticsearch

I use spring-data-elasticsearch framework to get query result from elasticsearch server, the java code like this:

SearchQuery searchQuery = new NativeSearchQueryBuilder()
.addAggregation(new MinBuilder("min_createDate").field("createDate"))

List<Entity> list = template.queryForList(searchQuery, Entity.class);

While how can I know the raw http query sent to elasticssearch server? How can I enable the logging, I tried add log4j, but it seems the spring-data-elasticsearch doesn’t log the query.


I don’t have an answer for Spring Data Elasticsearch, but in ES itself you can bump up the default settings for slow query logging and see all the queries in the slow log. More details about slow log here.

As to how to change the thresholds, a command like this should be used:

PUT /_settings
  "": "1ms"

1ms is kindof the smallest value you can set.

Source: stackoverflow