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How to construct a custom JSON error response using the Struts 2 framework

I am working on creating a web application using Struts 2. I want to send out JSON error response like the below when the request URL is not well formed:

  “status”: 409,
  "code": 40924
  “property”: “aggregation”,
  “message”: “aggregationId not specified.”,
  “moreInfo”: “”

I am already using the struts2-json plugin for serializing response objects using JSON. How should I go about sending JSON error responses. I can think of the below way of doing the same.

Use an error response object in the action class and set all name required name value pairs explicitly

private Map<String, String> errorObject;

public String execute()
    if (aggregationId == -1)
        errorObject = new HashMap<>();
        errorObject.put("status", "400");
        errorObject.put("code", "40924");
        return INPUT;

I could then handle serializing only the errorObject in my struts.xml.

I am wondering if there is an established way of doing this? Perhaps one which makes using of the Struts 2 framework better.



Struts2 actionErrors, fieldErrors provided by the ActionSupport. You can fill action errors or they are produced by the validation interceptor. For example

addFieldError("aggregation", “aggregationId not specified.”);
addFieldError("moreInfo", “”);

Then return json result as a response.

<result name="input" type="json">
  <param name="statusCode">409</param>
  <param name="errorCode">40924</param>
  <param name="ignoreHierarchy">false</param>
  <param name="includeProperties">^actionErrors.*,^fieldErrors.*</param>
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