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How to associate artefacts under one business version in Nexus when every module has specific version?

It is probably not a good practise in this case, because the problem would be solved by unifying the versions of all artefacts, but I am interested in a possible solution for this case. I have one git repository:

artefact -> 1.0.0

second git repository:

artefact -> 1.3.0

third git repository:

artefact -> 2.0.0

These artefacts go into nexus release repository with versions as I wrote but we define a business version above all of the mentioned artefacts for example 66.0. I would like to be able to marked artefacts with this business version and be able to return them from nexus. I did some research and found tagging in Nexus unfortunately available only for Nexus Manager Repository Pro, but we would like to use only free edition. Do you have some idea how to handle this problem?


Finally, after a few considerations, we decided to set one common version to all of our components. There was no suitable way of how to select artifacts from nexus by the additional metadata.