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How to access a resource file in src/main/resources/ folder in Spring Boot

I’m trying to access xsd in src/main/resources/XYZ/view folder where XYZ/view folder are created by me and folder has abc.xsd which I need for xml validation.

When I try to access the xsd every time I get the result as null,

I have tried as,


@Value(value = "classpath:XYZ/view/abc.xsd")
private static Resource dataStructureXSD;
InputStream is = dataStructureXSD.getInputStream();
Source schemaSource = new StreamSource(is);
Schema schema = factory.newSchema(schemaSource);


Resource resource = new ClassPathResource("abc.xsd");
File file = resource.getFile();

and many more trails I made to get the resource or classloader etc.

Finally I get the xsd with,

File file = new File(new ClassPathResource(“/src/main/resources/XYZ/view/abc.xsd”).getPath()); Schema schema = factory.newSchema(file);

and it is working, I want to know why the other two trails would have gone wrong or why it didn’t work for me and fine for others. 🙁

Or is there other good way of doing it which I’m missing


The @Value annotation is used to inject property values into variables, usually Strings or simple primitive values. You can find more info here.

If you want to load a resource file, use a ResourceLoader like:

private ResourceLoader resourceLoader;


final Resource fileResource = resourceLoader.getResource("classpath:XYZ/view/abc.xsd");

Then you can access the resource with:

fileResource.getInputStream() or fileResource.getFile()