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How do I check if a field in another activity was filled? [closed]

Each user has its profile that is stored in a XML file linked to a Java class. But not necessarily they access this profile when they use the App, because they may just use the app without editing its profile information. I need to know if there’s a way to know if a user has filled his name in his profile activity. I’ve thought about using Intents to pass the name variable, but since they don’t necessarily open the profile file I dont know if it would work


I do not know if it’s suitable for you.
But if your goal is to know if a field in another activity was filled in Android (Java),
I think, one approach is to make a change subscription then set a variable from Application class

Like this :

public class YourApplicationClassname extends Application {

    private boolean isProfileNameIsEdited = false;

    public boolean isProfileNameIsEdited() {
        return this.isProfileNameIsEdited;

    public void setProfileNameIsEdited(boolean isProfileNameIsEdited) {
        this.isProfileNameIsEdited = isProfileNameIsEdited;

And use this as the application class in your android manifest


Then, when the field in the profile that you like to monitor is edited, you update the isProfileNameIsEdited attribute, and you can check in your other activity