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Gradle-Wrapper.Properties does not exist (Cordova)

I’ve been having the same problem for two days now, and I can’t seem to get Cordova to do what I want.


~ I have every Android SDK installed on my machine

~ My PATH includes SDK tools and platform-tools, under the filepath the exist on my computer

~ I created an environment variable for ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME, as described on the Cordova page.

~ I am only trying to run the program in Android, Cordova says that I meet all requirements when I call Cordova requirements

~ I have done Cordova platform rm android --save / add, multiple times

~ I am running Cordova 6.2.1 and [email protected] (wouldn’t install [email protected] for some reason)

I am new to Cordova, so maybe I missed some essential, and basic test, but I am getting a confusing error.

Error: (occurs when I try Cordova build|run|clean --verbose)

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Wrapper properties file 'UsersmyName!' does not exist.
at org.gradle.wrapper.WrapperExecutor.forWrapperPropertiesFile(
at org.gradle.wrapper.GradleWrapperMain.main(
Error: cmd: Command failed with exit code 1
at /callbackString/

This baffles me mostly because everything in the gradle file is constantly being rebuilt, including everything in the gradlewrapper file.

I am working on a networked drive at work and have a proxy, but I don’t really know if that matters, but I don’t really know what information is relevant with this issue, because I can’t find a single other case of this happening on the internet.

Any help would be appreciated.


Worth noting, I HAVE a file in my file system, but on the Windows file system it only reads as gradle-wrapper without the extension. I’m running Windows 7 Enterprise.


Alright, I figured out the issue, and it seems to be a rather personal issue, and most likely will not be an issue for many other people. But, in case it is an issue for someone in the future I will answer it.

As I said, at my work we have networked drives, I had my project folder on a networked drive instead of my C: drive. Once I moved the project folder to the C drive it worked as it should.