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Google Play store continuous rejection due to NOT compliant with the All Files Access Permissions policy

Google’s review team keeps rejecting our App after Target SDK API level to 30 migration. The rejection reason is that your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to a policy violation. Policy: All Files Access Permission.

Play store rejection:
Play store rejection

We have not been added any sensitive permission & APIs in our latest manifest. Also could not found any APK which request sensitive permissions from our recent submission.

Manifest permission:
Manifest permission

In one of our previous submissions, we have accidentally submitted a declaration form for ‘All file Access” permission but this got rejected by Google.

Declaration submitted:
Declaration submitted

Even though we have been fixed this permission issue in the latest APK but declaration form never disappeared or cannot delete manually. The app is keep getting rejected for the same old reason. Anyone who had this experience or knows how to resolve this issue.


I had a similar issue with MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. I found out that i have to update the build on every track(Open testing, Closed testing, Production, etc.) even if they are disabled.
More info in this: