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Glide for Android: How to include GIFs from Google Drive?

I am trying to include GIFs in my android application. My GIFs are shared as a document on Google Drive with public access enabled. Currently, I’m trying to use Glide to include the GIFs.


However, although there is no error, the GIF does not display on my phone, even after a long time(internet issues shouldn’t be the problem).

It appears that this is only a problem for GIFs on google drive. Trying to show an internet GIF such as this one works on my Android phone.

How can I show GIF files on Google Drive with Glide on my Android device?



It should work. Because Glide trying to fetch image which type you specified. I just tried it and its work. it loads too late. If you wait a bit, you will see that it can be loaded. You can test it more easily if you upload a lower resolution gif file to Drive.