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Frontend Bug Reporting plugin for Website Beta Tester

I am looking for a bug reporting solution that I can embed into my website. I would like allow users to report front end issues directly from the page and be able to capture screen clippings, ideally it would also have some kaptcha to prevent basic spamming. I have an issue tracker, I want to ease the reporting process to encourage reports which can be submitted anonymously.

I haven’t yet managed to find something that suits my needs, the tools I have found so far seem to be browser based plugins or web based issue trackers which is not what I am after.


All of the answer have pretty good solutions but I went with UserVoice in the end primarily because it was easy to use and I was unaware of some of the products suggested here.

Uservoice will create the js that you need to embed in your page and there are a number of pre configured feedback forms that you can choose from. Uservoice offers the option of providing a screenshot with your submission.

It was also trivial to link uservoice with my issue tracker and configure it to push messages to my issue tracker.