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Extraction of string and integer from txt

I’m trying to make a simple scanner reader to read from a txt stored in C:UsersjamesDesktopprojectfiles and it’s called data “data.txt”, the thing is that the information stored is like this:

ASSETS    21
SHELL      9

So as you can see the spaces between the string and the integer that I want o extract are random. I was trying to make this:

public data(String s) //s is the name of the txt "data.txt"
    if (!s.equalsIgnoreCase("Null"))
        try {
            File text = new File(s); 
            Scanner fileReader = new Scanner(text);
            while (fileReader.hasNextLine()) 
                String data = fileReader.nextLine();
                String[] dataArray = data.split(" ");
                String word = dataArray[0]; 
                String number = dataArray[1]; 
                int score = Integer.parseInt(number);
                addWord(word, score);
        catch (FileNotFoundException e) 
            System.out.println("File not found");
        System.out.println("Reading complete");

But the split is only with one empty space between the string and the integer so I would like to know how can I extract that two things that are separated with any number of spaces in the same line. Example:

Line readed: HOUSE 1 -> String word = "HOUSE"; int score = "1";
Line readed: O          5 -> String word = "O"; int score = "5";



Instead of data.split(" ")

you can use


Also your function won’t compile because it does not have any return.