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Exclude toString method generation that comes with Lombok @Data

I have a class that is annotated with @Data. But I want to exclude the toString() method and provide a custom toString.

I just defined a custom toString() method as I usually do if I was not using lombok and it seemed to work. Following is my example.

class SomeDTO {
    private String property1;
    private String property2;

    private String someReallyHugeString;

    public String toString(){
        return "someReallyHugeString size is: " + someReallyHugeString.length() 
                  + "property1 = " + property1 
                  + "property2 = " + property2;


But wanted to know if this is the right way to exclude toString() from @Data and if there are any side effects I am missing.


Just don’t use @Data (but provide all the other annotations) that is has:

 SomeDTO { .... 
     public String toString(){....}

This way if you remove toString by accident, it will not be generated.