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Eclipse Juno WindowBuilder Palette is Empty

I’m using Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) for Java EE and just installed WindowBuilder plug-n. At this time I’m building Java SE Application with Swing components.

The Palette is completely empty (no widgets). Is it a sign of incomplete installation or have I (hopefully) missed something obvious?

I was able to select New -> Other -> WindowBuilder -> Swing Designer -> JPanel.

Not even sure what other information I need to provide.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I installed via Help -> Install new software Followed these instructions.

What throws me off is that in Eclipse Community Forum I found a post which answering a similar question states: “What you are seeing is the expected behaviour. Until you actually edit a UI class using WindowBuilder, those views will be empty.“. I do not know how to interpret it.

UPDATE: Problem solved

When I created a new JFrame via Create new visual classes icon I finally got Design view as well as Palette full of components and normal Structure view.


The Palette view in Eclipse is tied to the currently active Editor. So if you don’t have an Editor or you have selected and focused on the Palette view, it will be empty. So leave the palette view open, then create a JFrame java class. Then right-click the Java Class and make sure you are opening it in the WindowBuilder editor. Once the WindowBuilder visual editor is open, and you also have the Palette open, you should see the wigets populated there.