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Does a class without methods have a special name?

What is a class without methods called? I’m trying to understand and learn about classes, so i have the following class “Variables” that doesn’t have methods, only fields, like the field “Server” in a folder called “utilities”:


public class Variables {
    public static String Server=""; 

then this class is called from a method in another class located in another folder or package this way:

 URL url = new URL(Variables.Server + "...");

is this (the without methods) a particular type of class or is a common class despite not having any method?



Raman is right in that all objects inherit the methods of the Object class, so you technically can’t have a class without any methods at all.

But if you’re talking about a class that doesn’t override any of those methods, don’t have methods of its own, and most/all fields are public, then people typically call those POD types, or short for Plain Old Data type.

Something like:

public class Point2D {
    public int x;
    public int y;

would be considered a POD type