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Displaying AM and PM in lower case after date formatting

After formatting a datetime, the time displays AM or PM in upper case, but I want it in lower case like am or pm.

This is my code:

public class Timeis {
    public static void main(String s[]) {
        long ts = 1022895271767L;
        String st = null;  
        st = new SimpleDateFormat(" MMM d 'at' hh:mm a").format(ts);
        System.out.println("time is " + ts);  



Unfortunately the standard formatting methods don’t let you do that. Nor does Joda. I think you’re going to have to process your formatted date by a simple post-format replace.

String str = oldstr.replace("AM", "am").replace("PM","pm");

You could use the replaceAll() method that uses regepxs, but I think the above is perhaps sufficient. I’m not doing a blanket toLowerCase() since that could screw up formatting if you change the format string in the future to contain (say) month names or similar.

EDIT: James Jithin’s solution looks a lot better, and the proper way to do this (as noted in the comments)

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