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CSV file from HDFS to Oracle BLOB using Spark

I’m working on Java app that uses Spark 2.3.1 to load data from Oracle to HDFS and vice versa. I want to create CSV file in HDFS and then load it to Oracle (12.2) BLOB.

The code..

        //create Dataset
        Dataset<Row> dataset = SparkService.sql("select * from test_table");
        String trgtFileWithPath = "/tmp/test_table.csv";      

        //save file in HDFS

        //get file from HDFS
        JavaSparkContext jsc = SparkContextUtil.getJavaSparkContext("appId");
        JavaRDD<String> textFile = jsc.textFile(trgtFileWithPath);

        //Call Oracle package, that inserts into table with BLOB field
        File csvFile = new File("/tmp/ETLFramework/test_table1.csv");
        BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(csvFile), 500);
        Connection conn = tbl.getJdbcConnection(); //there is tbl var with java.sql.Connection
        CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall(String.format("{call %s(?, ?, ?)}", "ORACLE_API_FOR_ETL_FRAMEWORK.INSERT_LOB"));
        cstmt.setString(1, "FILE_TO_LOB");
        cstmt.setString(2, "/tmp/test_table.csv");
        cstmt.setClob(3, bis, (int) csvFile.length());

        if (!conn.getAutoCommit()) {

I’m new to Spark.. so any ideas please how to convert JavaRDD to BufferedInputStream, or get rid of mess above and put Dataset to Oracle BLOB in more sane way..




Finally.. after couple days of fighting with Oracle, Hadoop and Spark, I found solution for my task:

        try {
        String trgtFolderPath = "tmp/ETLFramework/csv/form_name";
        Configuration conf = new Configuration();
        String hdfsUri = "hdfs://" + /*nameNode*/ + ":" + /*hdfsPort*/;
        FileSystem fileSystem = FileSystem.get(URI.create(hdfsUri), conf);
        RemoteIterator<LocatedFileStatus> fileStatusListIterator = fileSystem.listFiles(new Path(trgtFolderPath), true);
            LocatedFileStatus fileStatus =;
            String fileName = fileStatus.getPath().getName();
            if (fileName.contains(".csv") && fileStatus.getLen()>0) {
      "fileName=" + fileName);
      "fileStatus.getLen=" + fileStatus.getLen());
                BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream( Path(trgtFolderPath + "/" + fileName)), 500);

                ETLParams param = ETLParams.getParams();
                Connection conn = tbl.getJdbcConnection();
                String apiPackageInsertLOB = ETLService.replaceParams(tbl.getConnection().getFullSchema() + "." + tbl.getApiPackage().getDbTableApiPackageInsertLOB(), param.getParamsByName());
      "Call %s(%s, %s, %s);", apiPackageInsertLOB, tbl.getFullTableName(), trgtFolderPath + "/" + fileName, "p_nInsertedRows"));
                CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall(String.format("{call %s(?, ?, ?, ?)}", apiPackageInsertLOB));
                cstmt.setString(1, tbl.getFullTableName());
                cstmt.setString(2, trgtFolderPath + "/" + fileName);
                cstmt.setBlob(3, bis, fileStatus.getLen());
                cstmt.registerOutParameter(4, Types.INTEGER);
                int rowsInsertedCount = cstmt.getInt(3);
      "Inserted " + rowsInsertedCount + " rows into table blob_file");
    catch (IOException |
           SQLException exc){

Writing of 2 Gb CSV from Spark Dataset into HDFS, and following reading of this CSV from HDFS into Oracle BLOB took about 5 minutes..

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