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Creating Unicode character from its number

I want to display a Unicode character in Java. If I do this, it works just fine:

String symbol = "u2202";

symbol is equal to “∂”. That’s what I want.

The problem is that I know the Unicode number and need to create the Unicode symbol from that. I tried (to me) the obvious thing:

int c = 2202;
String symbol =  "\u" + c;

However, in this case, symbol is equal to “u2202”. That’s not what I want.

How can I construct the symbol if I know its Unicode number (but only at run-time—I can’t hard-code it in like the first example)?


Just cast your int to a char. You can convert that to a String using Character.toString():

String s = Character.toString((char)c);


Just remember that the escape sequences in Java source code (the u bits) are in HEX, so if you’re trying to reproduce an escape sequence, you’ll need something like int c = 0x2202.