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Creating Pagination in Spring Data JPA

I am trying to implement pagination feature in Spring Data JPA. I am referring this Blog My Controller contains following code :

 @RequestMapping(value="/organizationData", method = RequestMethod.GET)
  public String list(Pageable pageable, Model model){
    Page<Organization> members = this.OrganizationRepository.findAll(pageable);
    model.addAttribute("members", members.getContent());
    float nrOfPages = members.getTotalPages();
    model.addAttribute("maxPages", nrOfPages);
    return "members/list"; 

My DAO is following :

@Query(value="select m from Member m", countQuery="select count(m) from Member m")
  Page<Organization> findMembers(Pageable pageable);

I am able to show first 20 records, how do I show next 20??? Is there any other pagination example that I can refer??


I’ve seen similar problem last week, but can’t find it so I’ll answer directly.

Your problem is that you specify the parameters too late. Pageable works the following way: you create Pageable object with certain properties. You can at least specify:

  1. Page size,
  2. Page number,
  3. Sorting.

So let’s assume that we have:

PageRequest p = new PageRequest(2, 20);

the above passed to the query will filter the results so only results from 21th to 40th will be returned.

You don’t apply Pageable on result. You pass it with the query.


Constructors of PageRequest are deprecated. Use Pageable pageable = PageRequest.of(2, 20);