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Why are these XYItemRenderer methods missing despite importing the right module?

I am trying to apply the solution found at here, but when I try to run it in IntelliJ, a couple of the XYItemRenderer methods like setBaseItemLabelGenerator, setBaseItemLabelPaint, setBasePositiveItemLabelPosition, etc are not found. I know I imported the right class because the declaration of the renderer is without issue. What else could I be missing that is causing the issue? My modules are managed using Maven and I am using JFreeChart 1.5.2.


The example cited dates to 2013, when JFreeChart version 1.0.17 was extant. As noted here and here, beginning with version 1.5.0, “many methods getBaseXXX() / setBaseXXX() have been renamed setDefaultXXX() / getDefaultXXX()“. For reference, version 1.5.3 is the current release. More with regard to modules in the development release may be found here.