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Which is the Best Java IDE for Spring Framework? [closed]

Which is the best base java IDE (eclipse, Netbean) for developing spring based application apart from IntelliJ.

I have used NetBean so far , the online documentation and google search points to only one link . So does it mean we can only develop Spring MVC application.
If we start Spring MVC application , the suggestion window work very slow, also we cannot map existing classes with the bean, or cannot explore features, it only prompts bean attributes.

Also we cannot start with the application with existing source, even tried to add framework later will not work. I had recently downloaded Net-Bean 7.0 , which is latest so far, I have tried to install springs plugins for net-bean but it was in vain, although the post on the plug-in page says no additional plugin will be required, but while installing, it throws some error like as shown in image attached.

enter image description here

Not tried Eclipse yet.

I have seen IntelliJ on my friends machine. The development on it is fast and excellent, but bit expensive for personal application development.

Please suggest what to do, any less expensive but good IDE for spring.


You should definitely use SpringSource Tool Suite, an Eclipse-based IDE created by SpringSource themselves.

Also on the official SpringSource channel @YouTube you’ll find a pretty extensive 5-part introduction to using Spring & STS.