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When publisher confirms are enabled, queue length limit is set and overflow is set to reject-publish,why cause in confirm callback I received is null?

I am learning Queue Length Limit(, as it says, queue is set to 'x-max-length:10',and 'x-overflow:reject-publish', and also, I enable publisher confirms. So, when the number of messages in the queue reaches 10, the publisher will be informed of the reject via a basic.nack message.

And it is: my confirm callback got a false ack, but cause is null. I’m wondering shouldn’t it return something so that I can distinguish this situation. Part of the code is as follows:

  public AmqpTemplate amqpTemplate(@Autowired CachingConnectionFactory amqpConnectionFactory) {
    RabbitTemplate rabbitTemplate = new RabbitTemplate(amqpConnectionFactory);
    return rabbitTemplate;

  static RabbitTemplate.ConfirmCallback confirmCallback = new RabbitTemplate.ConfirmCallback() {
    public void confirm(CorrelationData correlationData, boolean ack, String cause) {
      System.out.println(ack);  // when number of messages reach 10, print false
      System.out.println(cause); // when number of messages reach 10, print null

  public Queue queue() {
    return QueueBuilder.durable(DURABLE_QUEUE).withArgument("x-max-length", 10).withArgument("x-overflow", "reject-publish").build();

 @Scheduled(fixedDelay = 1000L)
  public void produce() {
    Message msg = new Message(UUID.randomUUID().toString(), "sth");
    amqpTemplate.convertAndSend("sth", "sth", msg );


Unfortunately, the AMQP protocol and Java client provides no information about why a publish failed. Only ack/nack and whether the confirmation is for multiple messages:

 * Implement this interface in order to be notified of Confirm events.
 * Acks represent messages handled successfully; Nacks represent
 * messages lost by the broker.  Note, the lost messages could still
 * have been delivered to consumers, but the broker cannot guarantee
 * this.
 * For a lambda-oriented syntax, use {@link ConfirmCallback}.
public interface ConfirmListener {
    void handleAck(long deliveryTag, boolean multiple)
        throws IOException;

    void handleNack(long deliveryTag, boolean multiple)
        throws IOException;

We added the cause because, in some circumstances, the framework synthesizes a nack (for example when a channel is closed while we are waiting for confirmations, where we add Channel closed by application as the cause.

The framework can’t speculate the reason for which we got a nack from the broker.