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What’s the shortest code to return a new array with only the first 2 elements of a given array?

While I was practicing Java problems on CodingBat I came across following problem statement.


Given an integer array of any length, return a new array of its first 2 elements. If the array is smaller than length 2, use whatever elements are present.


frontPiece([1, 2, 3]) → [1, 2]
frontPiece([1, 2]) → [1, 2]
frontPiece([1]) → [1]

My solution

public int[] frontPiece(int[] nums) {
    if (nums.length < 2) {
        return nums;
    int[] myArray = new int[2];
    myArray[0] = nums[0];
    myArray[1] = nums[1];
    return myArray;

My question

Though I have solved this question, my solution looks a bit long. So I’m looking for shorter while still accurate other solutions. Can you help me with this?


If you just want a shorter method and if returning the parameter itself when empty or with a single element is valid, then you can write this:

public static int[] frontPiece(int[] nums) {
    // if the argument is empty or has just a single element
    if (nums.length < 2) {
        // return the array itself
        return nums;
    } else {
        // otherwise, return a new array with the first two elements of argument
        return new int[] { nums[0], nums[1] };