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VisualVM Not showing ANY methods called for CPU Performance Profiling

I’m running a Java 1.6_21 SDK build app. Its been build in Eclipse, and i’m using the VistualVM eclipse plugin to launch VisualVM when the app starts.

When I go to the Profile tab and click CPU profiling, It only shows the THREADS that are running, but it doesn’t show any METHOD calls. Quite litterally, none. I’ve googled a whole bunch of things, but nothing seems to fit. has ANYONE seen this problem? Is there a solution??

Environment: Windows XP 32-bit “Classic” Eclipse SDK 3.7.0 VisualVM from SDK 1.6_21

It doesn’t make any sense to me. I can get memory heap information, but zero member-calling information.

Any help is extremely appreciated.



have you tried setting classes to be profiled.

select the Settings checkbox in the top right cornet of the window & set the packages which needs to be profiled.