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Using specific Maven library that compiles with specific Java version [closed]

I try to use org.hsqldb.hsqldb in my Maven project. The requirement of the client is to use Java 8. The current version of org.hsqldb.hsqldb is 2.6.1, which doesn’t seem to work with Java 8. How can I observe the version of HSQLDB that compiles with Java 8?



First read the release notes for hsqldb:

21 March 2021 - version 2.6.0
-- version 2.6.0 jar requires JRE 11 or later - tested up to Java 16 RC
-- version 2.6.0 alternative jar requires JRE 8 or later

The documentation clearly states that 2.6.0 needs an alternative jar to work with jdk8.

Inpect the hsqldb maven repo to verify that there is an alternative jar provided for jdk8: hsqldb-2.6.1-jdk8.jar

To import it with maven, you need to use a classifier