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Update attributes based on content in NiFi

How can I add a attribute to the current flow file when developing an Apache NiFi cusom processor.
What I want to do is adding a new attribute (or at least update a current attribute) to the current flow file with calculated value.
Or is there an already built processor that I can use?



NiFi supports several methods of creating and updating attributes, depending on the data source you wish to use. Some general purpose processors include:

UpdateAttribute – Updates attributes on flow files using both static values and NiFi’s expression language.

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You can add as many properties with one processor. I recommend scanning through the Apache NiFi Expression Language Guide to get a feel for what you can do with it.

ExtractText – The Sets attribute values by applying regular expressions to the flowfile content.

ExecuteScript – ExecuteScript Runs custom script code, which can be used to update attributes however you wish.

And there are more for particular content formats, for example:

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