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Tag: spring-data-jpa

Using Spring data JPA EntityGraph with LAZY load mode for NamedAttributeNode field

I am facing with 2 problems: N + 1 query and Out Of Memory (OOM). I solved OOM by paging and lazy loading: But when I use lazy loading, N + 1 query happened. So I try to use EntityGraph as But as my researches and local test, EntityGraph always do eager loading for NamedAttributeNode field – association field,

How to inject spring beans into the hibernate envers RevisionListener

I am using Spring 5.1 and Hibernate 5.3.9 including hibernate-envers. I don’t know how to inject spring beans into the hibernate envers custom RevisionListener. I have tried Of course the class is included in the @ComponentScan packages resolution. A problem is that myService is not injected into the listener. In the hibernate-envers documentation: As of Hibernate Envers 5.3, dependency

JPA/SpringBoot Repository for database view (not table)

I’m attempting to create a JPA entity for a view. From the database layer, a table and a view should be the same. However, problems begin to arise and they are two fold: When attempting to setup the correct annotations. A view does not have a primary key associated with it, yet without the proper @javax.persistence.Id annotated upon a field,