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String pattern which starts with # @ and can contain underscore and minus

I try to make a string pattern that can contain UTF-8 characters (öäå, etc) and match the following criteria in Java (1.7);

  • Must start with # or @
  • Must be lower-case
  • Can contain – or _ (minus and underscore), no other special char
  • Can contain digits (0-9)
  • Min 3 and maximum 15 characters long

What I have at the moment that works but are missing many of the criteria.


I don’t know how to complete and add the rest of the criteria. How would a regex expression look like that can accommodate the criteria I have?



This translates into a regex in a relatively simple way:


This translates the “Min 3 and maximum 15 characters” inclusive of the # or @ at the beginning. If these should not be counted, change the suffix to {3,15}.

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