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streaming from Java OpenCV through RTMP

I have a JavaFX Application that uses OpenCV to get the frames from the camera.

I would like to send this stream to nginx-rtmp.

I must be missing something (or the whole loginc of RTMP) but I can’t seem to find a simple way to make the stream

I already tested the nginx-rtmp with OBS Studio, and I have the frames, I’m missing the link to get the frames through the RTMP link.

Already found a couple of libraries (xuggler, gstreamer,humble-video…) but none of them seems to work or didn’t find a way to implement them correctly



Based on the discussion we had at the comments section, this is the summary:

FFmpeg is the Swiss army knife for all sort of video processing and streaming. In case you want the camera stream to be re-streamed as RTMP regardless what’s you doing in OpenCV then that’s also possible.

If that’s the case then just google FFmpeg source-protocol dest-protocol.

Regarding the Java version, you can invoke FFmpeg as command line from your Java code, otherwise its API support JAVA beside many other languages.