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Stack forEach expression to loop for difference between existing size and new one [closed]

I have a class with data member:

private static final int DEFAULT_SIZE = 10;
private Stack<String> myStack = new Stack<>();

// want to add more element to the stack based on demand - but add incremental demand

public void addCapacity(int incremental) {
    int diff = incremental - DEFAULT_SIZE;
    myStack.forEach((diff) -> {

The idea was to see if this forms a use case for lambda functions. But it will not allow me as it is expecting a boolean in place of diff. Is lambda forEach a use-case here?



Since Stack extends Vector, if you wanted to increase the capacity, then you could have used ensureCapacity (in Vector)


If you wanted to do myStack.push("something") diff times, then you could have used:

IntStream.range(0, diff).forEach(i -> myStack.push("something"));