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springboot override controller methods

I have to ask because none of the answers I found can help me to solve my problem.

I have controller


I want to override its methods because one specific customer has specific logics, with controller


that can have exactly same methods signatures or overriding methods with RequestBody extending the original requests.

  1. I tried to define an interface for controllers where I put the annotations
  2. I used @Primary and @Profile on CustomController to force Spring to load it rather than the default version

Solutions don’t work because Spring detects a double mapping for methods, the famous “Ambiguous mapping”.

Has anybody any idea how i could solve the situation?

I want literally plug custom implementations of controllers, only where I need, overriding only methods I need, without altering request path. Customizing Services is not enough, because sometimes I have to pass RequestBody with additional fields

We are using springboot 2.4.7, spring 5.3.8

Thanks in advance



I was finally able to solve my problem. I did this, if anybody interested

  1. assigned a specific profile to overriding controller via @Profile(“what you want”)
  2. added custom header to controller request mapping, via @RequestMapping attribute “headers”
  3. only for post and put methods, I had to set a value again for attribute “headers”, both on original and custom controller
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