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Spring SPEL collection projection

A simple question on SPEL collection selection.

Look at section 10.5.17 Collection Selection on this page

List<Inventor> list = (List<Inventor>) parser.parseExpression(
        "Members.?[Nationality == 'Serbian']").getValue(societyContext);

What i need is the selection ‘Serbian’ to come from outside and not be a fixed hard coded String.

Just for arguments sake consider that, we could get it as “selectedNationality” from the same society class from the same page in the link.

Modified class with selectedNationality

public class Society {
    private String name;
    public static String Advisors = "advisors";
    public static String President = "president";
    private List<Inventor> members = new ArrayList<Inventor>();
    private Map officers = new HashMap();
// new selector field
    private String selectedNationality;

New Selection

The new selection SPEL would look like

List<Inventor> list = (List<Inventor>) parser.parseExpression(
        "Members.?[Nationality == selectedNationality]").getValue(societyContext);

When we try that the error is that “selectedNationality” is not a part of the Member object.

Does that mean that for collection selection in spring expression language we would need a hard coded String ? If yes does anyone know why ?



Found out how to do it. So the way is to use variables see 10.5.11 Variables @ [][1]

Set Variable

So in our case we wold do this set variable :

Inventor tesla = new Inventor("Nikola Tesla", "Serbian");
StandardEvaluationContext context = new StandardEvaluationContext(tesla);
context.setVariable("selectedNationality ", "Serbian");

New Selection

The new selection SPEL would look like this with #selectedNationality

List<Inventor> list = (List<Inventor>) parser.parseExpression(
        "Members.?[Nationality == #selectedNationality]").getValue(societyContext);

Works like a charm !

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