Sending JSON Data to JPOS Based Project but failed in unpacking field 34

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Request that i send :


And iam using packger87 to unpack the ISO Message :

for (Map.Entry<Object, Object> entry : attributes.entrySet()) {
        if (entry.getKey().equals("ISOMsg")) {
          msg.setPackager(new ISO87BPackager());

The Error :

"message": "org.jpos.iso.IFB_LLCHAR: Problem unpacking field 34 (java.lang.RuntimeException: Required 10 but just got 8 bytes) unpacking field=34, consumed=67"

The problem is with packager ? but iam using 87 and the MTI 0100 is the version of 87.. Thanks in advance


I Knew the answer : My Request wasn`t right so unexpected Message Representation Happened

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