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Selenium Select – Selecting dropdown option by part of the text

The class Selenium Select has 3 methods of different option selection:

  1. selectByIndex
  2. selectByValue
  3. selectByVisibleText

Now, I have a situation where I want to select an option by some text that partially appear in one of the options visible text (don’t want to expose myself to changes in the WHOLE text).

For example:

<option value="0" label="not-intresting">VERY-LONG-TEXT-THAT-I-NEED-TO-SELECT-DOLLAR</option>

And i want to select this option only by providing the “DOLLAR”, something like:


How would you implement it effectively?


You can try a logic like this hope this helps

List <WebElements> optionsInnerText= driver.findElements(By.tagName("option"));
for(WebElement text: optionsInnerText){
    String textContent = text.getAttribute("textContent");