Second root module in IntelliJ’s maven module view

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I have a multimodule maven application with parent pom as follows:



now in intelliJ’s maven module view i can see all modules however communication-management is displayed twice and i dont know why. From the structure of my application it seems like it shouldn’t be visible as root but somehow is. Here is the communication-management‘s pom:





    // some build plugins

    <!-- project dependencies -->

and this is how i can see it in IntelliJ:

enter image description here

Why is communication-management displayed twice and why is it displayed as root?

i have already tried reimporting, cleaning etc.


Turns out it was some IntelliJ issue, restarting PC solved it. I dont think it’s reporoducable. I tried to create some sample project but issue did not occur.

The old “have you tried turning it off and on again” worked for me.

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