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Run custom TextSecure (Signal) server

I am trying to start my custom TextSecure (Signal) server. I want to use it for all functions that Signal has (both SMS and telephony). I believe that I also need redphone server to run telephony. I’ve found github repos for TextSecure server only but no repos for redphone server.

I think that I also need to run this server to properly operate Signal.

I have tried downloading whole TextSecure server from github and adding it to intelijidea as maven repository but it doesnt allow me to run it and therefore to compile it.

Anyone with experience of running a cusotm TextSecure server? I need a little guide because I am totaly stuck at this.

Thanks in forward



You can run your own TextSecure server, but first of all you need to create accounts at Twilio, AWS S3, Google Developer and Apple Developer.

Twilio – for sms broadcasting(for registration in TextServer).
AWS – for documents in TextSecure.
Google developer – for push notifications.
Apple Developer – for push notifications(i didn’t reg this one because i did hack Push server).

After thay you need to install: JDK and Cryptography extension, Maven, Postgresql, Redis.

With Maven install: Dropwizard-simpleauth, WebSocket-Resources.
With Maven compile PushServer and start it with your settings (redis, auth, gcm, apn).
With Maven compile TextServer with -DskipTests key.
After that you can use your own TextServer but without RedPhone. The RedPhone repo was deleted from github.

Hope this helps you.

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