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REST API for Java?

I am preparing an application which is console based and the outcome of the application is a RDF/XML file which contains data of all my connections from LinkedIn. Now the problem is that my entire application is console based and I need to have a REST API so as to incorporate with my application.

I am not aware of REST API’s and how to use it with JAVA but can easily get through the documentation and understand it. My applications use the REST API of LinkedIn.

So can you please suggest some of the good REST API for Java?


JAX-RS is the standard Java API for RESTful web services. Jersey is the reference implementation for this, it has server-side as well as client-side APIs (so, ways to expose methods in your code as RESTful web services, as well as ways to talk to RESTful web services running elsewhere).

There are also other implementations of JAX-RS, for example Apache CXF and JBoss RESTEasy.