RecyclerView new items adding issue

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I have a RecyclerView, it has 30 items and when I scroll to the end to load another 30 items, it goes to the first item.

I tried to get current visible item then scroll to it when new items are added

((LinearLayoutManager) recyclerview1.getLayoutManager()).scrollToPositionWithOffset(layoutManager.findFirstVisibleItemPosition(), 0);

But it is not that smooth. I tried to scroll to listmap.size() but it will force the RecyclerView to scroll to the end of the list (if the user scrolled up).

I have seen some apps when I scroll to the bottom, new items are added smoothly that I can’t even notice that the change is made.

I need a solution, thanks in advance.


I’m posting the solution here thanks to Vastal. This code to avoid my main problem in the question:

recyclerview.getAdapter().notifyItemInserted(detailsList.size() -1);

And this one to load more items. Should be added in onScroll:

if (!recyclerview.canScrollVertically(1)) {

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