Print float with two decimals unless number is a mathematical integer

Is there a simple way of printing a floating value as a string with decimals if the value has decimals, other wise print it like an int without decimals?

12.5 would print 12.50
15.0 would print 15

Is there a simple way to do this? I can think of ways which includes parse floats to strings to ints but it doesn’t seem optimal.

EDIT: This answer does not do what I want: Show decimal of a double only when needed

This answers only shows one decimal if the value only has one decimal. What I need is two decimals, or nothing.


You can use String.format(), and strip off the decimal if it’s .00 with removeSuffix():

fun Double.toMyFormat(): String =
    String.format("%.2f", this).removeSuffix(".00")

fun main() {



This also works with rounded numbers such as 12.999 etc.

Source: stackoverflow