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Presto under two package names

I just started developing a Presto connector for JSON API. As suggested in many places, I started with the example-http connector and did few changes and deployed the connector as mentioned in the documentation. Then I got following error when starting the server.

No service providers of type io.prestosql.spi.Plugin

Then I noticed the package name for Plugin interface in my code is com.facebook.presto and its actually implementing com.facebook.presto.spi.Plugin interface.

Have I downloaded a wrong code/distribution? if then, which one is the right one? if not, why two packages?



I think you’re mixing code from two versions. After the Presto Software Foundation was set up (see announcement:, Presto moved to its new home under and, and all the code was repackaged.

If you have existing code under the old version, see this guide for how to migrate it: