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passing reference as parameter in android

I am newbie in java/android. I am a c/c++ developer. May i know how to pass a reference as parameter in android. An illustrative c sample code shown below

void main()
  int no1 = 3, no2 = 2, sum = 0;
  findsum( no1, no2, sum );
  printf("sum=%d", sum );

void findsum( int no1, int no2, int& sum )
  sum = no1 + no2;

please suggest me a solution



You cannot pass an int as reference in Java. int is a primary type, it can be passed only by value.

If you still need to pass an int variable as reference you can wrap it in a mutable class, for example an int array:

void findsum( int no1, int no2, int[] sum )
  sum[0] = no1 + no2;

Anyway, I strongly suggest you to refactor your code to be more object oriented, for example:

class SumOperation {
   private int value;

   public SumOperation(int no1, int no2) {
      this.value = no1 + no2;

   public int getReturnValue() { return this.value; }