OffsetDateTime always converted to UTC

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I’m having a very simple spring boot app that gets and returns a timestamp.

The code is as follow:


public class DemoController {

    public Model test(@RequestBody Model model) {
        return model;


public class Model {
    public OffsetDateTime timestamp;

I’ve noticed that when I’m sending timezones which are not UTC the object I’m receiving converted into UTC – for example, the following call:

    "timestamp": "2017-07-21T17:32:28+01:00"

has this response:

    "timestamp": "2017-07-21T16:32:28Z"

Is there a way to disable this behavior and receive the time as it was send?


This happens because Jackson is using context default timezone when deserializing. In Spring-Boot you can disable this quite easily, by just adding:


to your

Source: stackoverflow