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NetBeans, why do some projects appear as coffee-cups and others as folders?

I’m working in NetBeans 6.8 and I want to add projects that I had previously deleted from NetBeans workspace but not from my computer. Some appear as coffee-cups and can be opened fine but others appear as folders and cannot be opened. How can I open these projects (see image).Image


The Delete action on a project states “This will delete project Xyz so that it cannot be opened in the NetBeans IDE anymore.”, which explains the situation. It removes the build.xml file and the nbproject directory from the project directory, rendering it unrecognizable.

You’ll need to make a new project, and use the Java Project with Existing Sources as a project type in the dialog.

Specify the project name again, and set the Project Folder to the existing project folder. Then specify the src directory.

Note: All your extra libraries and JARs are lost, you’ll have to re-add them to the project.

Next time just Close the project to hide it in the Projects tab.