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Multilanguage development

I would like to develop an application with two languages.
Actually, the goal is to generate two differents application, one with a language (Java), the other on in another language (C#).

I would like to use makefiles to help me generate one application or the other one, thanks to targets definition.

I don’t know where to begin.
Have you ever try to develop like this ?
Is it possible to use one makefile to call java compiler or c# compiler using different targets ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Sure, you can use a make file to compile (and link) source files for different languages. There’s no limitation. All you need is a compiler (linker) that can be called by a shell / from a command line.

Alternatives: ant can do both Java and C#. If you don’t need to build both applications with a single build file, you still can use separate files and write a batch/shell script to call both builders.