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Migrate an existing app in playstore from java to kotlin

this is more a theoretical question.

I have an app that is already in the playstore. This app has been working since the year 2017, so it has a lot of old libraries. The goal is to migrate it to kotlin. So, what’s more effective to achive this goal:

  1. Migrate file by file to kotlin
  2. Create a new project with same buil.gradle in order to have the same id application. But at this point have another question, if I create a new app with the same id, package name.. can I generate a signed bundle apk with my old credentials?

I’m not pretty sure how to achive this goal. If there is a better I would really appreciate it you can teach me how.




The good point with Kotlin is that it can operate together with Java easily. To rewrite the app completely seems like a lot of work which would need an important reason. You can rewrite file by file and this way keep all functionality working.

If you keep the application Id in a new project, you can update your existing app only if you sign it with your old keystore. These are the two factors that identify your app.

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